Batch RO got its start in brackish desalination. Whatever your application, we can help you recover potable water with minimal liquid discharge.


  • Saline groundwater
  • Wastewater reuse
  • Industrial effluent

1 element

In conventional RO water is recovered in a single pass so long membrane trains are required to achieve high recovery. In batch RO, water is recovered over multiple passes so we can achieve 90% recovery with 1 element.

  • Small footprint
  • Reduced system cost
  • Extended membrane life

1 design

In regular RO, the water recovery, flux, and crossflow velocity are tied to each other and constrained by the system design. In batch RO, these parameters are decoupled so that 1 design can operate flexibly across a range of conditions.

  • Standardized design, flexible operation
  • Consistent production despite variations in feed salinity & temperature
  • Independent control over recovery, flux, and crossflow

5 minutes

Our batch systems have a built-in membrane backwash between each ~5 minute cycle to resist scale formation and reduce the need to dose antiscalants.

  • Recover more water
  • Reduce brine disposal
  • Minimize chemical dosing
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