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April 18

The Bureau of Reclamation selects Harmony to receive $390,871 in federal funds to pilot batch RO with electrically conducting membranes for scale prevention in collaboration with Active Membranes. More details to come. Reclamation press release

March 27

At last, Harmony is cleared to start work on a pilot project funded by the National Alliance for Water Innovation. The pilot, built in collaboration with Purdue University, Colorado School of Mines, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Olin College, will be a retrofit and our largest system to date. NAWI press release | Purdue press release | Harmony update


November 30

The Bureau of Reclamation selects Harmony to receive $300,000 in federal funding to develop a pilot-scale batch desalting process. More details to come. Reclamation press release

November 7

The Circular City team brings home the top prize ($2M CAD) of the Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) Pop-Up City contest. Our batch RO process was used to minimize liquid waste and produce potable water from recycled wastewater. The team, led by Innocorps Research Corporation, will split the prize. Harmony logs | Contest website | Innocorps press release | CAF video | IDEaS blog

September 30

Batch water treatment wins the Water & Technical Innovation: Consumables & Chemicals Impact Medal at the inaugural Global Prize in Desalination. The award comes with $50,000 cash and piloting support with SWCC. GPID press release | Trade Arabia article | Pitch | Slides

August 18

The Cade Prize announces us as one of 21 Fibonacci Finalists in the 2023 edition of their prize. We are one of three finalists in the Agriculture and Environmental category. Learn more.

July 25

We concluded a year of testing our first field prototype at the Water Quality Improvement Center (Yuma, AZ). Our upgraded system, el Titan brine concentrator, ships up to Alberta, Canada to recycle wastewater for the final portion of the Pop-Up City Contest.

April 20

Harmony announced as a Circularity semifinalist in Year 2 of SEMIs Startups for Sustainability program. We will meet with mentors from the semiconductor industry and deliver a final pitch in June. Finalists will be announced at SEMICON West in July. Press release


September 9

The Bureau of Reclamation announces the Olin-Harmony-MIT team as winners of the national More Water Less Concentrate” challenge. The team splits a $150,000 grand prize. Reclamation press release | Olin press release | Harmony update

August 18

Harmony commences a 113 day test of batch RO at the Water Quality Improvement Center of the Yuma Desalting Plant. Thank you to the operators of the YDP, the staff at the Bureau of Reclamation, and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center for making this possible.

August 2

The Olin-Harmony-MIT team concludes a week-long demonstration of batch RO at the Yuma Desalting Plant as part of the More Water Less Concentrate Challenge. Our 1 gpm system reduced RO brine volume by 83% with 92% uptime. Test data | Report

March 2

Harmony is accepted into the second cohort of the BLUE Excelerator. Demo day pitch


July 15

Harmony is part of a team awarded $115k by the US Bureau of Reclamation to build a batch RO pilot and test it at Yuma Desalting Plant in July 2022.

May 2

Co-founder Quantum Wei defends his PhD thesis on batch RO. Read it here.


October 2

Harmony is a runner-up in the Cleantech Open Northeast.

August 3

Harmony co-founders feature on the MIT Energy Initiative Podcast. Listen here!

May 21

Harmony competes as a finalist in the MIT $100k Launch Competition.

April 24

Harmony wins runner-up in the MIT Clean Energy Prize. Watch the pitch

April 22

Harmony wins third place in the MIT Water Innovation Prize

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