Evaporators are energy-intensive and expensive. Batch membrane processes can more efficiently deal with your brine while also recovering usable water. We’ll concentrate as much as possible to minimize the costs of brine disposal or increase the efficiency of resource extraction.

Applications include:

120 bar

The advent of high-pressure RO elements rated for 120 bar opens the door to membrane-based brine concentration. At these pressures, batch RO saves up to 50% energy compared to conventional RO with energy recovery.

200,000+ ppm

To go much higher than 100,000 ppm brine output requires a different approach. We can use traditional nanofiltration (NF) elements to concentrate beyond 200,000 ppm while keeping system pressures below 80 bar.

5 minutes

At these concentration factors membrane scaling is surely a risk. Our batch systems have a built-in membrane backwash between each ~5 minute cycle, resisting the formation of salt crystals and reducing the need to dose antiscalants.

We have yet to scale a membrane. Have you got a challenge for us to tackle?

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