More Water Less Concentrate

Highlights: Produced 306,806 gallons of potable water. No membrane scaling or antiscalant addition (reject Gypsum SI = 0.65). We won the More Water Less Concentrate contest.

End-user: Bureau of Reclamation

Partners: Olin College of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

We brought our first field prototype to the Yuma Desalting Plant in July of 2022. We had two weeks to set up for a one week demonstration as finalists in the More Water Less Concentrate challenge, organized by the Bureau of Reclamation. The challenge was to concentrate scaling-prone brine from the Yuma BWRO skid, which treats water from the MODE canal to 75% recovery. Brine is pumped 22 miles away to an evaporation pond.

Over the course of the week we achieved 92% uptime and 83% recovery. Our team won the $150,000 grand prize.

Long-term testing

Pleased with our performance, we kept the prototype in Yuma for long-term testing through July 2023. The operators at the Water Quality Improvement Center quickly understood our new process and were a great help.

Our first year-long field pilot concluded operating at an overall water recovery of 80% with no membrane scaling despite concentrating gypsum past supersaturation (SI = 0.65) and without additional antiscalant beyond what was already in the Yuma BWRO feed.


  • Place strainers ahead of the HP pump
  • Keep spare parts for pumps on hand
  • To avoid membrane chlorination, measure ORP and dose SMBS


306,806 gallons of potable water production
Feed 6 g/kg
Brine 36 g/kg
Recovery 80%
Production 2 gpm | 2880 gpd | 11 m3/day
Flux 30 LMH | 17 gfd
Specific energy 3.1 kWh/m3 @ 1 gpm
1.65 kWh/m3 after resizing circulation motor (1hp to 0.25 hp)
0.8 kWh/m3 estimated at full-scale with best available equipment
Membranes Toray 4” BWRO
Membrane array 2 in series
Circulation flow 2.8 gpm | 0.6 m3/h
Pressure limit 34 bar | 500 psi


Test data from MWLC challenge | Report


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